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Container Tracking

Our customers asked for it: Container Tracking.

TMX Shipping containers on shipSince our shipments are automatically posted and continuously updated, our customers now have effortless access to up-to-the-minute shipment status and shipment documentation over the Internet. Working in conjunction with Intergrated Export Systems, Ltd and the Shipping Lines, our clients can now get the information they want about their shipment 24/7 and 365. Web Tracking provides agents, shippers, masters and consignees with the status on their shipments helping to minimize calls to customer service. View shipment details by file number, mode, status, reference number, date, quantity, party and place. In addition to monitoring shipment status and proof-of-delivery, users can print documents, set e-mail notifications, update shipment information and add bookings. 

To register contact your Account Manager or our Network Administrator with Web Tracking Registration as subject.

If already registered follow the link below.

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